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Our Environmental Future

Mission Statement


Our Environmental Future


To take a serious look at climate change, growth

and development, and water quality issues within

the Carroll County area as well as

the surrounding areas, while informing the public

of issues, problems, and solutions.



About Our Team

We are a group of local students, educators and

activists who want to provide an educational,

balanced and inclusive look into our environment

and how we affect it.

Green Business Network Partners

Interior Harmony, LLC

Acupuncture and Feng Shui

Karen Greenstein, interiorharmony@verizon.net

Joined GBN 6/13/13 - Score 139

Double Diamond Construction Corporation

Quality Custom Construction and Renovation

Don West, President, doublediamondcc@gmail.com

Joined GBN 6/20/13 - Score 74

Lowe's Westminster (www.lowes.com)

Home Improvement Retailer

Curtis Byrum, Manager, curtis.w.byrum@store.lowes.com

Joined GBN 7/5/13 - Score 74

Fern Rodkey Electric Inc. (fernrodkeyelectric.com)

Complete Electrical Services

Mike or Jane Rodkey, farodkey1@verizon.net

Joined GBN 7/12/13 - Score 53

Byrdcall Studio (www.byrdcallstudio.com)

Artist (Please note that Melinda designed our unique Sycamore leaf logo)

Melinda Byrd, byrdcall@aol.com

Joined 7/18/13 - Score 117

Northrop Grumman, Sykesville Campus (www.northropgrumman.com)

Global Security Company

Joseph Opauski, Senior EHS Engineer, Joseph.Opauski@ngc.com

Joined 7/26/13 - Score 125

Renewed 7/24/15 - NEW Score 163!

Salazon Chocolate Co., LLC (www.salazonchoc.com)

Specialty Food Retailer

Tom Barnes, salazon.ops@gmail.com

Joined 2/19/14 - Score 104

Finksburg Pharmacy (www.yourcommunitypharmacy.com)

Retail Pharmacy

Rai Cary, finksburgpharmacy@gmail.com

Joined 9/2/14 - Score 92

JeannieBird Baking Company


Good eats and drinks

Jeannie Vogel, jeanniebirdbakingcompany@gmail.com

Joined 8/4/15 - Score 124

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