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Bodhi Williams
About Me

Director of GMOfreeMARYLAND.org Dedicated to educating the public about the health risks and environmental impact of Genetically Mutated foods and the associated toxic chemicals used in thier production.

The next global protests to "March Against Monsanto" are scheduled during GMO Awareness Month on October 12th, 2013. Go to www.FaceBook.com/GMOfreeMD/events for details.

Byrdcall Studio
About Me

I am a park ranger-naturalist-Nature Center Administrator turned ARTIST.  Most of my art is nature-related or "in appreciation of simplicity in life."  My art studio is "green" according to 20 challenges I have set for myself.  Mainly it is a very short commute--approximately 20 yards from home; my products are "green", studio has a rain barrel, a pervious driveway, conservatively-set thermostats, total recycling and "Freecycling," and 5% of my profits go to "green" causes.  Please visit my web site and contact me if I can be of service to you or your business.  http://www.byrdcallstudio.com/

Carroll Association for Sustainable Living
38 years old
About Me

Chris Spaur
About Me

Member of Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council


Debbie Ridgely

Dixie Leikach - Finksburg Pharmacy
About Me

Owner of Finksburg Pharmacy in Finksburg MD

Don West
About Me
I'm the 'dummy' with Cindy on vacation last summer.

Frank Baylor
About Me


Jennifer Higdon
55 years old
About Me

Jesi West

Jon Kelvey
39 years old
About Me

I'm a reporter with the Advocate of Carroll County, hoping to make contacts with members of Planet Carroll for a story about earth day 2013 events in the county.

Karen Moody
55 years old
About Me

I teach environmental science at Carroll Community College, and I'm an avid hiker.

Karly Rhea Ziegler
29 years old
About Me

I am a Junior at McDaniel College studying with a major in communication and a double minor in marketing and theater arts. I am interning with Planet Carroll and its website for my Environmental Problem Solving course

Laurie Muldoon
About Me

I work for Washington Gas Energy Services, an energy retailer. We sell, as part of our product line, both local and national wind recs, as well as carbon offsets. We are the electricty supplier for many members of the Carroll County Chamber and would love to add green energy offsets, if anyone is interested, though they need not be a member or currently under agreement with WGES for deregulated gas or electricity.

Mary Ellis
75 years old
About Me



Michael Barbour
About Me

I am an Aquatic Ecologist and I work nationally and internationally on water resource issues and have published several papers on the subject.  I am the author of two published novels in an environmental mystery/action/adventure genre and two published children's books on nature.

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