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Late in the summer of 2012, a group of local community organizations, including members from Waste Not! Carroll, Sierra Club (Catoctin Group), Sustainable Living MD, and Venturing Crew #202 began developing a program to encourage and cultivate sustainable business enterprises in Carroll County, MD.  The goal of the program would be to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with a tool to help identify and adopt practices that reduce adverse environmental impact, improve operational efficiency, and enhance their business reputation.

How the Program Works
At the heart of the Green Business Network is a certification process that evaluates the breadth and depth of a business's commitment to strengthening its efficiency, reducing its environmental impact and supporting a sustainable community.

The basis of the evaluation is the Green Business Scorecard.  The Scorecard reflects best practices in four areas of environmental and community stewardship: Solid Waste Management, Environmentally Responsible Purchasing, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, and Water Conservation and Quality.

In order for a business to become certified, it must meet specified implementation goals from a minimum number of measures from across the best practices categories.  Additionally, participants agree to take certain steps to encourage employee participation and raise the visibility of the program.

Following a self-assessment, an interested business pays a nominal fee and arranges for a site verification visit by a member of the Green Business Network Team in order to confirm adoption of best practices and implementation goals.

Based on the review, a participating business is awarded a designation of Green Excellence of one, two or three levels.  Each business will receive a decal sticker, an award certificate, mention and a link on the Planet Carroll (planetcarroll.org) and Sustainable Living MD websites and a photograph with a press release sent to the Carroll County Times.

Certification is valid for two years.  During that period, businesses are encouraged to raise their level of performance for future evaluations.

Why Go Green?
Implementing environmental and community stewardship practices improves operational efficiency, enhances business reputation, and increases profitability.

As many of the measures save resources and reduce consumption, they result in lower operating costs, boosting profitability and freeing up capital for business investments.  Furthermore, recognition of environmental and community leadership engenders existing customer loyalty and attracts new business.

Moreover, certified green businesses benefit through shared marketing and promotion, reductions in operating costs and increased profitability, market and product differentiation and recognition of environmental and community leadership.
Green Business Scorecard

Levels of Green Business Certification
Level 1        50 – 99 points
Level 2        100 – 149 points
Level 3        150 – 200 points

Fee Schedule for Certification (good for 2 years)

Businesses with less than 100 employees        $25
Businesses with 100 or more employees        $50

Make checks payable to Waste Not! Carroll.

4 Steps to Get Started

Step 1        Secure the Scorecard from www.planetcarroll.org

Step 2        Conduct the self-assessment at your business and complete the Scorecard

Step 3        Tally your score.

Step 4        Mail your completed Scorecard and payment to Waste Not! Carroll, PO Box 1242 ,                        Westminster MD 21158.


                   Email your completed Scorecard to Don West (themaywests@gmail.com).

Someone from the Green Business Network will contact you within 5 business days to schedule a site visit.  If submitting your Scorecard by email, payment will be collected at the time of the site visit.

Don West    themaywests@gmail.com
Dan Andrews    dooze@qis.net
Sally Long    slong432@comcast.net